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Volunteer Projects in Fiji

YWAM - Yachts for Life

Yachts for Life are involved in bible distribution, running bible schools and teaching life skills seminars on remote island village communites, using yachts to get there. We will be doing minor repairs to the floors and cabinetry aboard the 'Seahawk', preparing for the coming dry season.
April 3 - 14 (limited spaces due to working on a boat) 

Homes of Hope, Suva

Homes of Hope is an organisation that provides long-term care, support, and holistic restoration for girls, young women and children who are victims of or vulnerable to forced sex. It is set on a large property in Suva and there are numerous buildings on site and most are in need of repairs and maintenance in some way. In July we are renovating three bathrooms in a staff house and intend to return for other projects in the future.
July 1 - 15 with Northgate Community Church

Seehusen family, Nadi

The Seehusen’s are an American family who have lived in Fiji for a few years. They work for Ambassadors for Christ at the College of Theology and Evangelism in Lautoka and also do pastoral training in the outer islands.They are building a home and training centre for their young family in Sonaisali. They have encountered all sorts of issues with progress so far and we hope to be able to contribute to the building of their home.
Dates TBC

Kingdom International Discipleship

'KID' provide discipleship, empowerment and development programs for individuals, families and various community groups. They also run counselling programs for prisoners and high school students. They have been gifted land near Nadi and are building a new facility to be based from there.
Dates - late 2023 TBC

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Previous Volunteer Projects in Fiji

Nacekoro Village Guest House

This building in Savusavu had half of the roof taken off in Cyclone Yasa, December 2020. Due to Covid-related travel difficulties the building remained this way until we were able to get up there and restore the roof. 
October 2022

Sabeto Christian Camp

We replaced the dining room roof and a dorm roof, installed gutters, made structural repairs to other buildings, remodelled the kitchen and dug a 33m trench to shift the mains supply underground.
September 2022

Island Encounters, Sabeto

Island Encounters teach overseas and local students with a vision for "equipping students and the poor for greater life encounters". We made structural improvements and addressed weathertight issues by installing flashings to their main facility.
August 2022

Homes of Hope - Suva

We built a shed roof to enhance the farm subsistence programme for Homes of Hope, which trains at girls and young women to farm in a sustainable manner.

Ray and Laura Pittman - Sabeto

Over several trips MMM assisted in adding a second storey to an existing building, to be a home for the founding directors of Island Encounters.